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TETRIX PRIME with EV3 Module

Tim Lankford gives you all the details about our new EV3 Module. Yes, we’ve made our TETRIX® PRIME system completely compatible with EV3. This pairing means you can create robots that are bigger, stronger, more complex, and more real world. Simply use your EV3 Brick, sensors, motors, and LEGO® elements and combine them with the PRIME metal system and watch your students accomplish feats that cannot be done with plastic alone. Find it here: https://www.pitsco.com/EV3/TETRIX-PRIME-and-EV3-Component-Set Plus be on the lookout for the next RoboBench video where we'll discuss the all new TETRIX PRIME and EV3 Curriculum Pack with 30+ hours of content that delivers the tools you need for more building, more coding, and more learning.

Date Added 4/25/2018